A list of nearby hotels around the Dublin Castle area is given below. The prices are only a guide and the hotels are ordered alphabetically. The location of each hotel listed with respect to Dublin Castle is shown in the map below. Hotel booking is independent of the conference registration.

A number of rooms have been reserved in the Jurys Inn Christchurch hotel until August 31st for conference delegates at a rate of €95 (single), €105 (double) B&B. To book one of these rooms, complete the Jurys Inn Booking Form:

There is no guarantee that this is the best price that will be available in that hotel during the conference. We recommend checking the different options listed below and booking as early as possible.

A larger list of hotels and short-term apartments in Dublin can be found at www.dublinhotels.com

If you need information on how to get into the city centre from Dublin airport, please go to the location page to find all the different options.

List of nearby hotels: (click on the hotel’s name to access its website)

Click on the red locators to show the information for each hotel. The blue locator corresponds to Dublin Castle.

For questions or problems, please e-mail us at 8thintegralworkshop@ucd.ie

27th-30th September 2010

Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland

         8th INTEGRAL Workshop

“The Restless Gamma-ray Universe”

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  1. -Abbey Court Hostel and Apartments (see website for prices) 9 min approx.

  2. -Arlington Hotel (from 69 euros) at 2 min approx.

  3. -Brooks Hotel (from 170 euros) 4 min approx.

  4. -Clarence Hotel Dublin (from 125 euros) 5 min approx.

  5. -Clifton Court Hotel (from 50 euros) 11 min approx.

  6. -Drury Court Hotel (from 69 euros) 5 min approx.

  7. -Grafton Capital Hotel (from 69 euros) 6 min approx.

  8. -Jurys Inn Christchurch (from 79 euros) 5 min approx.

  9. -The Westbury Hotel (from 179 euros) 8 min approx.

  10. -The Westin Dublin (from 229 euros) 7 min approx.