The Dark Side of the Universe

Statutory Public Lecture of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

By Prof. Malcolm Longair

Emeritus Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy

Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge

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Tuesday 5th July 2011 at 6:30pm

Computer Science Lecture Theatre, B004 Building 14, UCD, Belfield

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Black holes, dark matter and dark energy are among the most important ingredients of our Universe, but don’t emit light and are therefore invisible. Former Astronomer Royal, Malcolm Longair, will describe why we’re confident that all three exist, and discuss their importance for fundamental physics.

Malcolm Longair has held many highly respected positions within the fields of physics and astronomy. He was appointed the ninth Astronomer Royal of Scotland in 1980, as well as the Regius Professor of Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, and the director of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. He was head of the Cavendish Laboratory from 1997 to 2005. He has served on and chaired many international committees, boards and panels, working with both NASA and the European Space Agency. He has received much recognition for his work over the years, including a CBE in the millennium honours list for his services to astronomy and cosmology.